Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to prevent sofa from sliding out of position


i have two happy children.
who always love jumping and climbing.  *erk!

The problem is that now everytime my toddlers and my baby
climb up on the couch it slides backwards. I
s there any type of gripper material for the sofa feet that is designed to prevent this?

setelah puas meng googled, saya jumpa jawapannya yang ini;

We bought these little square rubber cups that the feet sit on at either Home Depot or Lowe's. We use them on our sofas and beds with wheels now that we have wood floors. Prevents the feet from indenting the floors and no more rolling around! I found them down the aisle with misc. screws and hardware.

so bila ada rezki lebih dan masa yang saaaagat lapang,
haruslah kami menerjah ke home depot kan..

#blog saya sudah suam-suam sahaja kebelakangan ini iyer..


wantie said...

hmm... bagus gak tu. rubber cup tu. Tapi kat mna nak beli rubber cup tu?

MayaYunus said...

blog puan dah x berhapdet,, nympah tau,,,