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How to measure high heels height

There is a general categorisation for heels:

Flat from flat mm to 25mm
Low from 25 mm to 60 mm
Medium from 60mm to 85mm
High from 85mm to 100mm
Very High over 100mm

Also here, like for sizes, there is not a standard. There are 3-4 ways to measure them, usually localized.

American way:

The measured is taken placing the heel, with heel tip, on a flat surface and then measure from the surface to the top of the heel (in the back of shoe).

You can see it here:

Italian way:

The measure is taken on the heel axis (about the middle of the heel) without tips.

Italian way #2:

The measure is taken on the heel axis (about the middle of the heel) with tips.

Continental Industry way:

the measure is taken as in fugure and with tips.

An important thing to say is that the standard heel measurement is taken for all styles from a standard measure (usually 38EU/8USw). So when you have a 5" declared heel this is the measurement for the size 38EU/8USw. For bigger sizes the heel will be highter, for lower sizes the heel will be lower.

This choice has a reson: a 5" real heel over a 34EU will give an highter arch than for a 38 and you feel to be, for that small size, to highter shoes; ie: heels height will decrease or increase according to size.

Usually the height varies with about 2-3mm for each size. For exemple: a 10cm declared heel will be 10cm for a size 38, 9cm for a size 35 and 12cm for a size 45.

Many scientist have tried to find a formula for the perfect heel.

This is a funny one:

The basic formula is : H = Q X [12 + (3 X S/8)]
H is the maximum heel height, in centimeters.
Q is the sociological factor and S is the shoe size;it must be a good enough base of support to keep you upright.
The Q factor of the formula encompasses several variables and gets a bit complicated.

Here a extended version of Q:

Q = [P X L X (Y + 9)] / [(T + 1) X (A + 1) X (Y + 10) X (L + 20)}.

To further decode: P is the probability the shoes will land you a date or other flattering attention.
L is the price of the shoes, in British pounds.
T is the time elapsed since the shoe was the height of fashion (zero means it's red-hot).
A is the units of alcohol consumed while wearing the shoe.
Y is the years of experience wearing high heels.

Use this to decide if you have to buy a pair of high heels?
Surelly not, the main factor should be to be more sexy!

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